About us

Beskydská likérka s.r.o.

Beskydská likérka s.r.o. is a family company specialising in the production of premium herbal liqueurs exclusively from natural ingredients without the use of any artificial sweeteners or naturally identical substitutes.

In the footsteps of Herrmann Löw

The company's production program makes every attempt to follow on in the footsteps of the former world-renowned magnate and native of today's Beskydy Region, Mr. Herrmann Löw, who in his time belonged to the highest levels of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and who, amongst other things, rose to fame on the back of his internationally-acknowledged herbal liqueur Lysá Hora.

Production program

The production program of Beskydská likérka makes every effort to continue on with dignity in the traditions and product quality, where it draws on long-forgotten recipes of our forebears to create its herbal liqueur recipes that it adapts to the demands and tastes of today's consumers.


Proof of this designated goal is also the honour of being awarded the title of Royal Spirit and Liqueur Distillery of Great Lachia, a commission bestowed by the King of Lachia Zdena Viluš I. personally, and officially confirmed at a session of the Oak Lodge presided over by Margrave and spiritual father Benedict XV., giving the distillery the exclusive right to produce Lachian liqueurs and distillates, namely the Lachian liqueur based on the ancient recipe based on the wetland herb Acorus-calamus L. (also called sweet flag or calamus), which is known for its power of invigoration and healing of digestive tract ailments.