Distillation from growers' own fruit mash

The season for distillation from growers' fruit mash begins each year in July and finishes at the end of June of the following year.
Please check via telephone: +420 776 757 673.


When ordering distillation from your own fruit mash, please provide us with a telephone number on which we can confirm the exact distillation date and time for your fruit mash.

Furthermore, we need information about the amount of fruit mash and the type of fruit from which the mash is made and also the name of the person ordering the distillation, and personal ID card and information about the orchard/garden.

Our fruit growers' distillery has a still with a batch capacity of 300 litres, meaning that if you require the distillation of only your own fruit mash, you must have at least 150 litres of it.

If you have a smaller amount of fruit mash, you will be entered onto a list and after a sufficient number of other customers with the same type of fruit mash, you will be offered a date and time for your distillation.

Price of fruit growers' distillation

The price includes VAT and excise tax per 1 litre of absolute alcohol (i.e. 100%). The price for 50% distillate will therefore be half.
1litre 50% alc.   155,- Kč

When less than 6 litres of abs.alc., a one-off distillation fee of 100 CZK will be charged.
When less than 3 litres of abs.alc., a one-off distillation fee of 100 CZK will be charged.

Information about distillation 

If you have a time and date booked for your distillation, it is advisable to arrive approx. 30 minutes in advance in order to have enough time to unload the fruit mash.

The actual distillation takes approximately 2 hours. This time can be used to visit our company store or you may be present for the entire period of the distillation. If you have a driver organised, you may also taste your distillate immediately. If you are in a rush, you may leave your containers with us and pick them up full later.

It is possible that the distillate may have a final alcohol content of around 60% (depends on the quality of the fruit mash), so if you want a distillate with an alcohol content of 50% then the distiller may dilute it down for you (necessary to tell him in advance) or he can calculate how many millilitres of water needs to be added to the distillate to achieve the desired strength.

Preparing the fruit mash

The care and attention given to the fruit mash manifests itself in the quality of the final distillate. High quality distillates are the pride of fruit growers, providing a unique tasting experience, which are the reward for the expended work in the garden.